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End of the road for HP microserver N36L?


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Hi There, about 3 months ago I built up a microserver N36L server to pretend to be a Synology DS3615xs using Jun's Loader  v1.03b. Massive thanks to Jun for all his hard work and Thanks to polanskiman for writing up some great guides. I ended up buying a HP NC360T NIC and everything worked fine with DSM 6.2.3 (DSM_DS3615XS_25426 update 3)

I was delighted to find a use for the old N36L, I was using it as a backup server, plex media server and bitwarden password manager (after lastpass changed their offering).

I Made the mistake of updating to DSM 6.2.4 (DSM_DS3615XS_25556) when I got the: "DSM 6.2.4-25556 is available for download" message. 

The update installs but then the microserver does not obtain an IP address and get discoverable to synology 

This has effectively nuked my data as the drives and storage pools each got an updated version of DSM system install applied to them. As the "recover install" option never gets an IP address from my router after reboot I'm stuffed and will have to do a fresh install and copy all the data back to the NAS and reinstall and reconfigure all the packages. Would be great if there was a utility to apply (downgrade) a DSM system install to all the drives in a storage pool without nuking the data.

I presume that what has happened is newer versions of DSM have (understandably) started dropping support for older NIC's.

Anyway though it worth posting this in case any other users of old HP Microservers are just about to attempt the update to DSM 6.2.4 


If any brave person does make it work please share what NIC you are using.



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@DfdsYes thanks, I spotted that straight after my post I'll have a go over the weekend. It'll be good to know how to get data off the drives in an emergency anyway. I'm currently running spinrite on all the drives to see if there any issues with the drives themselves.



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