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Files missing, broken links, 404 Errors etc...

Arthur P Fleck

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Please guys,

sorry if this has been asked before but I need your help... I have recently tried to put a few boxes together with pretty much hit and miss successes. I am using bog-standard hardware, i5 or i3 CPU on a Fujitsu D2912-A12 GS 1 Esprimo P9900 Mainboard (PC) I've managed to get XPen running on a few machines and have been following the project since 2017, I have 3 boxes working really well. Recently I wanted to show a buddy how to do it but when I went to the site and tried to download the files I hit a wall. The tutorial from Jun is no longer there, has been updated the links to the files in the tutorias don't work, files are missing etc... I have tried following newer tutorials but I cannot work out which is the best loader to use with my hardware, there are so many different bootloaders, dsm types and .pat files I can't follow ... would someone please point me to which files I need to successfully install on a regular i3/i5 PC from 2016. I just want to run the 3615xs

Thanks a lot guys! Awesome forum.

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