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Recover HP XE495 (DS3617xs\1.02b)


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I have Xpenology 6.1 with bootloader 1.02b running on an HP MediaSmart Server for over a year now.  It is mostly used to store SageTV media (Video).  No apps etc., just storage.


The device has a 2 x 2 TB raid (unsure, but probably Raid 1) and a single 1TB volume.  The device has had indicated one of the drives in the RAID array has bad sectors (monthly report).  The other report's good.


Recently SageTV indicated the device was "offline".  It was not found in File Explorer or with Synology Assistant.  The LEDs appear normal, as best I can recall.  


I have now pulled and reserved the old USB and HDDs.  I rebuilt the device with a new USB and an available clean drive to test the HP.   I chose to reuse the prior MAC and Serial Number along with the appropriate USB parms.  The device was found on the first try and installed with no issues.


I am inclined to think the USB went AWOL, but the machine was running when it went off line.  It did not initially fail during a boot (that I am aware of).  I have a hard time believing all the drives failed at once.  Could the IP have changed to a value outside of my subnet?


I do not know the architecture here.  I read General FAQ 8 to indicate that all the DSM bits are on the HDDs.  Reading between the lines, as I have used the same bootloader (mac and SN), that this should pretty much be the same boot code?  Is this as easy as rebooting with the new USB and Old Drives?


I am very interested in recovering the data on the drives and wish to minimize the risk here.  I understand that I can connect the drives to a Linux box, and do some CLI hocus pocus.


A guru's perspective would be appreciated.

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I restored the original drives with the new USB.  Opening the device took me to a Synology page to "Recover" the device.  I probably should have posted first.  I let the device go through the recovery process, followed by the 10 minute count down.  After the recovery the device was not found at the expected IP.  


I was offered to search, but No Diskstation was found.(http://find.synology.com/#)

Synology Assistant does not find the device.  I also used the (Xpenology Tools) Softperfect Network Scanner to look for outlier IPs (including 169.254.0.x and 169.254.1.x).  A number of odd ball subnets were found(?).  Synology Assistant suggests connecting a PC direct to the NAS, however the NAS  is not found on any of the discovered subnets.


I reverted to yesterdays working config, but am now unable to boot from the "New" USB.  I expected this to boot with NO issues, and assume that the Recovery has modified the USB, but too much I do not know.


I appear to be back to were I started.  Device LEDs looks good, but can not be found, but now X2.

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