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XPEnology with WSL2 ?



Hey everyone,

I been having so thoughts and I want to know what you guys think.

Right now I have XPEnology system running on a virtual machine(WorkStation, not ESXi) with access to 1 physical disk and a boot volume.

I've been thinking maybe to try a fresh start and installing everything on a WSL2 with docker,

I've checked and the file share system is using mount function to access files.


Any thoughts on the subject ?

My server has win10 as main OS,

And I want to run website hosting and mail server(And manage it with "nginx proxy manager") in addition to the Nas,

This way it would be more aesthetic,

you guys think the File system will be fine or cause more trouble ?

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Inital though: since all xpe docker images depend on kvm and it's possible to run kvm inside wsl2 (after building a custom kernel of course) it might actualy be possible.


Though, you would end up running XPE in kvm  started by a docker container, which runs in wsl2 (which itself is a container and not a full fledged os). 

You would need to compile and use a custom kernel for wsl2, then install kvm in wsl2, then use a docker container to create a xpe-vm in wsl2.... Sounds brittle to me.


For me this looks like a case of "technicaly possible", but far away from beeing a good idea.


Is it safe to assume you just intend to do a feasability study or aim for a playground project? If I am mistaken, I would highly recommend to run your services in containers, either on a bare metal system directly or in a vm on a type 1 hypervisor and skip xpe all along. 

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Wow, quite a challenge :P
Yes, I have a PC with no use and nice specs.

Bought a domain, configured debian server to host the website, run mail server and using the domain redirecting to the DSM as well.

Little home project.

I want to change the setup and what you've brought up is really interesting.

What would you suggest to do in this case ?

1 hour ago, haydibe said:

I would highly recommend to run your services in containers

And what do you mean run in containers, ESXi ?

Change everything to WSL2 and run all in containers ?


Btw, thanks for the detailed answer :D

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Can you detail out your thoughts a little bit further?


I am not sure how I feel about running backend services in wsl2 as the os containers have no system service and everything needs to be "workarrounded". WSl2 seems fine while developing stuff and run one shot commands - though, I would NEVER use it to run backend stuff that should be available 24/7.


While some people are fine with chainging ethernet cables and switches to extend their network to every corner of their house, others would open up walls, lay cable inside and connect those to a central switch and use surface mounted boxes in each room to archive the same in a clean way. The wsl2 approach fells like the first. While my suggestion in the last post aims for the second :)


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