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Internet Traffic sind 5592.X


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Hi Folks,


I'm running xpenology sinc a couple of months and did some Upgrades during this time.


Last week I did a renew of my Hardware and with this I started from scratch.


Im using xpenoboot 5592.2 and updated Software to 5592.4.


As I'm getting a daily Status Report of my Firewall I noticed that even if I'm not at home and not doing a much in the afternoon I have a traffic between 800MG and 1GB from my xpenology to the Internet. I' don't have any cloudservices nor Websites or anythin else enabled. I'm just using CIFS ans NFS Share in my internal Network and an installed MariaDB just for my OpenElec Box which was mostly shutdown the last days.


As I remember my "old" Installation did not have such a huge traffic. Does anybody of you have similar experiences?


Or did I jusr forgett to disable anything from Software which calls home?

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