ESXi 7.0 Hypertreading settings

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Hi i have a running DSM 6.2.3-25426 vm in my ESXi 7.0 box 
Have tried multiple diffrent setups  to get DSM showing it has 8core and 16 treads but it keeps showing 

8 Cores (4 CPUs/2 Cores | 8 Threads)

Any one has this figured out 

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Posted (edited)

Its emulating the ds3617xs  trough jun v1.03 with the vmware/ESXi option as boot 

And i already fixed the cpu showing it shows the correct cpu 

it setup in dutch so do mind the dutch texts 
thats what info center shows. 

and that is the real cpu in the ESXi host 

CPU Specifications

# of Cores8

# of Threads16

Processor Base Frequency2.60 GHz

Max Turbo Frequency3.30 GHz

those are the core specs of that cpu 


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typo in emulated model
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