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How to install Xpenology on NetGear PNDP400U

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min. spec for 1.04b is 4th gen intel (haswel)

loader 1.03b needs CSM mode and also needs to boot from the non-uefi usb boot device

1.02b 3615 is good for practice as it can do uefi and csm, might be ok too for some/most (DSM 6.1) as final system but when knowing how to set up the loader and you are sure you got it right then its easier to know that csm mode and boot device are the culprits when using 1.03b



12 minutes ago, nervotrep said:

And failed to find links to distributions




whats the hardware?

Atom D410 1,6 Ghz (Single core)?


chipset? (should be capable and set to AHCI)

network controller?


maybe boot a normal linux and use "lspci -k" and post it here


also the forum search can help





but tbh with a single core atom cpu? - get rid of that thing and find something better, even if you get it to work, it might not be able to reach full 1GBit network speed (112MB/s)


maybe contact this user as he seem to have nearly the same




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