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The Future of Xpenology


Hello first off I don't want to seem rude or anything, I just want to know what the future holds for xpenology, so  I was wondering if the Admin team or Devs could answer if there is any kind of roadmap for the future of the project? i have been slowly moving away from unraid to xpenology as I find the system so easy to use very lightweight and very well supported. but as with the last two updates having failed to install according to a number of people and with DSM 7 in the wings is there a future. I know Jun seems to have been away for a while so is there others that will be making boot loaders and taking up the mantle? i myself have no experience with coding or programming which is why my knowledge in this department is low. i also realise that most people here do this kind of work as a hobby and have other commitments. i saw IG55s post about looking at other specs of synology nas to try replicate but i was wondering if there is any kind of official stand from the project. Are we going to hold off on new boot loaders till dsm 7 is released?  

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I am not trying to be rude also but this question was answered so many times already in different posts.


There is no road map and this forum does not have a "development" team to work on loaders but very experienced members for troubleshooting.


Is there a future? No one knows if this is the end of XPEnology or not. This is up to Jun or any other person with coding skills...


As @flyride said on another post with similar question. If he was Jun, he would not spend his time creating a new boot loader just to support this last update. DSM 6 is at the end and these small updates have nothing major. He would be more focus on DSM 7. DSM 7 at the moment is on beta stage, once is released we will see...



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