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Hello all.


At some other forums, i've always found interesting to find some sort of recommended/tested hardware for reference. I know you can guess it from the posts in this forum by diggin into them, but maybe it's a good idea to set up a list here too.


If you think this is too a good idea, contribute!


Template for hardware submission:


//* Suggestions welcome, this is just a 1st approach

System name (or motherboard name):



# Disk capacity:

Bios settings required:

Extra hardware needed (if needed):

Install method (you can provide link or a short description):

Files involved (it would be nice to have the files linked here):

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0 - Most popular/easy setup.



1 - New hardware (Hardware no older than 2-3 years)








2 - Legacy hardware (Builds with hardware base older than 2-3 years, usually builds made of recycled parts)

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And i'll start by myself :smile:


System name: HP Microserver NL40L

Ethernet: Onboard Microserver Gigabit + x1 PCIE Realtek 8111E

RAM: 8gb (totally overkill, ill be taking 4gb soon from it)

# Disk capacity: 5 internal bays (esata port not used)

Bios settings required: You need to update your BIOS to the modified one that enables port 5-6 as AHCI sata. You also need to touch BIOS a bit to fit your needs. (i've set all bays to external so i can hot-plug them)

Extra hardware needed (if needed): I had to add a HD dock to the optical drive bay to get the 5th disk (cheap one from amazon) Nothing else. I replaced the fans (both psu and outtake) to quiet the box a bit

Install method: Followed nighthawk guide as in this post http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6. Since i'm using 3tb disks i can't boot from the hard disks, so i need to use a USB (internal header) to boot.

Files involved: Go look the thread, my files are probably outdated.

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Take my configuration from my signature. It works really well (Not working: just PPPTP VPN, APC USB UPS, CUSTOM RAID ADDAPTER) with 4.2 3202 - http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=555 (haven't tried the repack version DS3612xs_3202-Repack)


CASE:Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced

MB:Gigabyte E-350N


RAM:GeIL 16GB (maximum overkill. it was cheap)

FAN:Noctua NF-S12B FLX

PSU:Seasonic S12II-430

HDD:2xWD30EFRX & 2xST3000DM001


USB3.0 Gigabit LAN:AX88179


Cost: ~980USD/~760EUR

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