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DSM Gui, stopped working ESXI



Hello all,


I Tried to use my xpenology today did not work, using Jun's Mod v1.03b, on esxi.


Thing is, shares are working I Can access my files, but services are not, plex is not working, surveillance station is not working, synology assistant says its in a ok state but it wont connect :(


And is not the libs problems which i saw in another post because synoscgi works, any help its very much appreciated.


Copyright (c) 2003-2020 Synology Inc. All rights reserved.

Usage: synoscgi (Version 25426)
        --help: this help
        --mode: scgi|apid (required) run as synoscgi or synoapid

        scgi related params:
        --idle-child={childNumber} (optional, default: 10) max idle child number
        --max-child={childNumber} (optional, default: 65535) max child number

        apid related params:
        --conf (required) apid config realpath


found this:


service [nginx] status=[error]
required upstart job:
        [nginx] is stop.



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nginx error
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Well I will answer my own question,


Problem was that I put a 20gb disk to install packages, there I Installed PLEX, Surveillance Station, and lots more, but the 20gb went short, and fill the disk, so I removed the disk, put a new vd disk with bigger size, rebooted and wala, dsm, nginx worked, saying i lost the apps, so i have to reinstall all the apps, at least did not loose any info or data.

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