Xpenology on Esxi vs baremetal Xpenology with virtual machine manager

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I want to build new NAS that will have xpenology and extra virtual systems. I want to use Intel 8gen (with igpu), 2x nvme, 6x hdd in a SHR poool (or raid5/6)+ extra disks for backups, downloads and temporary files. First option is ESXI on nvme + xpenology VM with hba and all single disks passed-through. Second option is baremetal and synology virtual machine manager. Probably DS918 platform would be the best to have transcode and nvme cache support but is it possible to have it on ESXI? Maybe better option will be baremetal in which it should work without major problems, but is there a way to backup system partition just in case? Does synology virtual machine manager have option off pci pass-through? Which option will be the best for me?

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