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Ansible Playbook - Xpenology USB Creator for Mac OSX


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I've created an Ansible Playbook for creating an Xpenology USB.



Currently it's only written for Mac OSX. In future I may add the ability to create USB Devices in Linux if there is interest in using the tool.


I wrote this to help automate the workflow and make the USB drive creation process more consistent.

It also helps avoid forgetting a steps in the process.



  • Prompts for information
    • serial number - changed in grub.cfg
    • nic 1 mac address - changed in grub.cfg
    • bootloader/synoboot filename - used to write synoboot.img to usb
    • extra drivers filename (optional) - used to replace extra.lzma files in partition 2 of usb
    • synology pat filename - used to replace rd.gz and zImage on partition 2 of usb
  • Discovery of plugged in USB devices
    • scans for all plugged in usb drives
    • prompt for selection of usb drive to use
    • collects pid and vid of usb - changed in grub.cfg
    • formats usb drive
  • Extract files
    • extract bootloader/synoboot from zip
    • extract extra drivers from zip (when provided)
    • extract synology pat with 7zip
  • Writes synoboot.img to USB
  • Mounts USB partitions locally
  • Changes to grub.cfg and file imports
  • Prompt to make additional manual changes
    • User can modify partition 1 and partition 2 files
      • modify grub.cfg for custom settings (sataportmap, timeout, etc)
      • import other files (custom drivers, etc)
    • User can verify changes made
  • Unmount of USB partitions
  • Eject of USB drive
  • Cleanup of working directory (extracted files and folders from playbook)


I found there was very few guides related to OSX so hopefully this is helpful to any of the OSX users out there.

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