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DSM5.2-5592 Update 3 SSD Cache Problem


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Hi there,

I have a stable DS3615xs running on DSM5.2-5592 that will not recognize a second SSD drive that was added to the system. I enabled the SSD Cache on it with a KINGSTON 128SSD. It enabled the Cache correctly as a read only since it was only one SSD. However, I added a second SSD to the system, it is recognized on the BIOS, but the Synology system will not recognize more than 1 SSD drive.


here's what I tried so far, unsuccessfully;

1) To rule out cables, drives, and ports, I removed the working SSD and plugged the 2nd drive, system recognized the new SSD drive....so the drive is not the issue as it was also read correctly by the bios, this also tells me the sata2 port where it's plugged also works


2) removed the cache ssd drive in the software, turned system off, rebooting and re-installed the DSM software, system still only recognizes 1 drive out of the 2 -128GB KINGSTON SSD drives


3) looked at the compatibility list...these are listed...


4) Looked at the synology and Xpenology community...only information I found back in 2012-13 was feedback to Synology to update software so only 1 SSD is required to enable SSD Cache, and in the Xpenology groups some folks have complained that if time backup is enable that they couldnt setup a read write cache...I dont use time backup.


Let me know if anyone knows the issue that I am not seeing...


Here's my HW:

Intel Core I5 2.7


3-3TB HDs

2-128GB SSDs

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