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Drives showing like this on 6.2.3-25426 update 3 (DS3617xs)




This is running Jun's loader 1.03b on EXSI v6.7 update 2 - loading as EXSI (not bare metal)

This has FixSynoboot installed and loaded correctly


The reason i'm concerned as the Volume 1 is ignoring one of my 3TB HDD's in raid 5, so it's degraded

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looks like as if the 1st sata controller you are using for the loader has 32 ports instead of just on

i'm not sure about esxi but in virtualbox the number of ports con be configured

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11 hours ago, flyride said:

This also happens when a SAS or SCSI virtual controller is used, best to use virtual SATA and they will be numbered correctly.


Ah. okay - the drives are connected using a hardware LSI raid card in I.T mode (acting as a HBA) Either way - it is all working, and is being backed up to a real synology in case of an issue

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On 4/4/2021 at 7:14 PM, flyride said:


It may be useful to do some experimentation with SasIdxMap.  You may want to do this with a single test disk instead of your array however.


Thanks, but that seems a little too complex for a me, lol. I'll leave it as it is, if I was using it seriously, i'd use a real synology :)

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