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Virtualbox.spk cant be installed in DSM 7



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if you want to try it yourself


page 64


DSM 7.0, packages are forced to lower the privilege by applying privilege mechanism explicitly.

To reduce security risks, package should run as an user rather than root . Package can apply such mechanism by providing a
configuration file named pivilege :

With the configuration, package developer is capable to

Control default user / group name of process in scripts
Control permission of files in package.tgz
Control file capabilities in package.tgz
Control if special system resources are accessible
Control group relationship between packages

To overcome the limitation that normal user cannot be used to do privileged operations, we provide a way for package to request
system resources. Please refer to Resource for more information.

Setup privilege configuration

Just create a file at conf/privilege with prefered configuration.

"defaults": {
"run-as": "package"



page 104

to compare with

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Unfortunately my problem starts one hop earlier. I asked this question because I want to have a VM which is connected via VPN and is able to run another (Virtualbox) VM in it. So basically what I need is nested virtualization. Has anyone got this working in DSM? I tried it with VMM from Synology and Virtualbox but no matter which operating system I use as soon as I try to add a VM in virtualbox in the nested VM I get this message:

"Invalid Settings Detected" System : Acceleration page


On the host (DSM 6.2)

cat /sys/module/kvm_intel/parameters/nested

is giving me "N" as answer, which means nested VMs are not activated but unloading the module

modprobe -r kvm_intel

and editing/activating the nested feature didn't work

# modprobe kvm_intel nested=Y


Any ideas?

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