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DSM 4.2 ESXI Direct I/O Disks not recognized


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Hi Friends,


I have a problem with my setup and I hope that somebody can help me.


Background info:

System is running

Vmware ESXI 5.1 build 1006something


Relevant hardware:

Intel Xeon e1220Lv2

Asrock Z77 Pro4-M

16 GB of memory

8 x 3TB WD ReD

1 x Dell Sas 6 Raid Controller 2x Samsung SSD (datastores)


ESXI is setup to use the Dell Raid Controller ESXI controller and the onboard s-ata Intel Pantherpoint controller and ASM1062 controller as a passthrough device for Direct I/O


I setup the DSM Virtual Machine specs as following:

Custom VM

Kernel 2.6 x64

3 GB memory dedicated

Use existing HDD (image from xpenology)

Add PCi devices (pantherpoint and asm)

Start VM everything goes wel Synology boots. When I use the synology assistent and choose the .pat file I can set the IP-address , the password and the name. It starts initializing and then I get an error 38 which should be related to not finding drives... When I go to the DSM page it also says connect drives first....


My Bios Setup has been AHCI and IDE to try the differences but both won't work. Has anybody got tips, tricks or ideas?


I have been using two versions:






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