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My fix to the annoying CMOS reset issue...


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Hi folks. :grin:


As I spent more than a while looking for a solution for this issue, with no success (really didnt want to change mb, and password protection of BIOS does not work in mine)


I thought it would be a good idea to post my own fix here for future reference to people with the same problem :wink:


It's quite rudimentary but it works like a charm and you'll need to spend only five bucks, or even less if you already have the required "equipment" :lol:


https://juanjodominguez.wordpress.com/2 ... -continue/


It's spanish written, but you can use an online translator, and of course, ask what you want here :smile: (only remember that translators do some funny things to texts. Use logic or ask :grin: )

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