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DVBLink and xpenology


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I have been trying to get DVBLink to work with my xpenology 5.2 setup. I installed the application DVBLink and it seems to install the correct drivers/FW for the Hauppauge 950Q I am trying to use. I can see it load the fw, recognize the device inside the app, and it allows me to configure it to the point of starting to add channels. Once I start scanning the channels, it goes through channel 2..maybe channel 3, then the whole server reloads. I have been trying to debug it, but with the system seeming to immediately reset, I can not find any logs that indicate exactly what happened. Has anyone else gotten this to work? If so how did you get around the crash/reset?


Hauppauge 950Q (or if this is some crazy fw issue, does any other module seem to work)

DVBLink 5.5.0 (latest)

ATSC channels

no epg configured yet.


I have it working on a real synology box, a smaller 212J that is running 5.1. I want to move it to a more powerful x86 platform to allow the ability to transcode the streams to playback on a Roku.

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