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backup solution for virtual DSM


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Dear all


after hard work and pay for SN and MAC, I success install and active DSM 6.2 in vmware workstation 15.

Before migrate all my data in it. I need to consider backup and restore way.

I can use Veeam in my host Win7 to backup VMware Workstation VM (DSm6.2), bUT THIS thing have big risk.

question1, this way can have change block track? if not, I need to have full backup each time?

question and risk 2. if VMDK curropt, I lost everything. 


May I ask your experience, how you backup it?

Thank you.


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I've never used Veeam on vmware workstation, but theoretically it should work if your disks are on VMDK datastores. It's block-based backup -- it should only back up the different blocks from night to night. That being said, I wouldn't go this route and I don't go this route personally.


Synology has many good internal backup options. Hyperbackup in particular can do incremental backups, you can restore to any of your available recovery points, etc. Cloud Sync is actually a pretty good secondary option -- it's not point in time based unless your destination has some form of versioning. It keeps your files intact so no need to recover to another Synology box/VM. I copy my photos out this way to a paid OneDrive -- which has a small amount of versioning, protecting me from if everything was ransomed.

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