Conversion of an old Dell Poweredge SC1430 Bi processor Xeon E5320 + 32 GB

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Hi there,

I'm an owner of qnaps and syno nas, and use also openmediavault system as qnap & syno backups.

I'm thinking of the reuse of an old dell poweredge rescued from scrap of my office which i placed a second E5320 xeon processor and 32 Gb ram this one is currently working as a backup of the existing qnaps / syno I also have.

I read a bit on the xpenology subject and... I'm not totally convinced that this old xeon E 5320 can be eligible for the xpenology ?

Did some of you already do this kind of project of a Dell PE SC1430 ?

Thanks for reading and enjoy xpenology !

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I would try loader 1.03b and DSM 6.2.3 on DS3617xs platform.


If that doesn't work, then try loader 1.02b and DSM 6.1.7 on DS3615xs platform.


One of these ought to work.

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