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Can you use the Synology Apps? Should you? And are the apps safe to use on IOS devices.


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Hi, Noob here. First, Thanks for all the stuff you guys have done. Its been helpful to me. I successfully built my Xpenology server. And at first, it was just to experiment on. But now, i really like the thing. and want to keep using it. 


So my question is Can/should you use the apps? i don't want to break and render it useless.  Also, I see that they have apps for IOS. This would be cool to use to drop all my photos from my devices into the server. But I've noticed under the privacy section of one of the apps it states: "Synology, will not collect your private data. We only collect the required device Information and crash logs via Google Firebase to enhance user experience. " 


This makes me nervous. Should i be? 




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