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Network connection repeatedly lost



I'm on DSM 5.2-5644 and recently I can't maintain a network connection for a sustained period of time (say more than 20 mins).


I'd like to upgrade, but first I want to backup my data (which all seems fine). 


The system doesn't reboot, but rather it appears that the connection gets reset. I can't seem to find anything relevant in the logs and it's really unclear to me what's going on. I'd love any pointers/suggestions on where to look.


I'm pulling my hair out at this point as I'm not sure what's going on. Some things I've tried:


  • I've checked the power/sleep states and everything is set to stay away (at least in the places I could find).
  • I've checked all the disks. Synology reports no issues
  • Performing a ram test now
  • I replaced the CMOS battery (just in case). 
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11 hours ago, gmoniey said:

I'd like to upgrade, but first I want to backup my data (which all seems fine). 

you are not clear about the number of disks, if the pcie slot is still available you can try a nic in that one and do you backup


maybe before a migration to 6.2 you might check if that solves you problem, you can use any usb flash drive and a empty disk

just disconnect you 5.2 disks and you usb flash drive and use the new ones, after installing you can test if 6.2 is working for you (if it happens as often as in 20 minutes it should be possible to reproduce it and if the disk is small you can use a tool like iperf to test the network (but shoveling some date to disk might be better to test the hardware)

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I have 6 disks...of varying sizes, but mostly in the 2-3TB range each.


I unfortunately don't have another NIC lying around.


I'm not sure I follow the rest of what you mentioned. Are you essentially suggesting:


  • Remove all the drives
  • Create a separate boot disk with 6.2 (on a new usb)
  • See if the problem repeats?


If it doesn't repeat, I still have the challenge of backing up my data before upgrading right? I'm a little nervous about upgrading without performing a backup first. 


Also, if it doesn't repeat, does that mean it's because of the disks?

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