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Can you have CCTV recording on another storage space?


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Hi there,


This question specifically deal with Surveillance Station package software. :smile:


I just want to ask whether it is possible to have the surveillance recording be recorded

on another volume/disk group? Is there an option of doing this?


Be default, it is always do recording in volume 1 which is where DSM 5.2 OS is stored.


So, I have created a disk group 1 with a couple of SATA HDD lumped together, using Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) with 1 fault tolerance.

How to install Surveillance Station in volume 1 (by default) but recording is stored at another storage space, in

disk group 1 for example.


Most appreciated if someone can advise me.


Thank you.

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yes ofc you can, i have volume1 as data raid and volume2 that is used only for time machine backup and surveillance station.


Hi pigr8,


Thank you for reply. :grin:


I am not a Synology DSM guru. Ok, then if it is possible, how to force the installation at Volume 2?

By default, Surveillance Station Package software is always installed in Volume 1(which created by DSM by default, during 1st time install)


How you manage to do it? Moving the surveillance folder out and place it on Volume 2, via using WinSCP program, that is run SSH into

XPEnology system and move folder from Volume 1, and dump it in Volume 2? That simple?? :?:


Do you mind elaborate more? PLEASE!!!??? :wink:

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