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Docker do I really need it and what's next ?


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for their help in getting me up going again especially @IG-88 & @flyride

Not that the system is running fairly well I'm looking to expand my knowledge

How important is it for me to learn docker right now of everything running on the Synology itself instead of using the container system of doctor


Are there any other tools you would recommend

I am really enjoying building and tinkering in this new server

So far I have the following packages running

Home assistant 


Plex Media Server

Python python3 8 and Python 3



Wake On LAN



Interested any recommendations

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Docker appeals to me because it is a non-platform specific implementation of software.  So for things like hass, Plex, Sonarr, SABnzbd for example, you can access well-supported releases very quickly.


For WOL or VM, these are things that interact directly with DSM or hardware, they should stay as packages (unless you wanted to run ESXi and then you would run VM's side by side with DSM).


Mono and Python can go either way, it kind of depends what you are doing with them.

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14 hours ago, Onknight said:

I use portainer software when Played with Open Media Vault  @Dfds

Have heard of other packages you talked about 

So would love to hear more 

Ouroboros will automatically update any running containers, Heimdall is just a way to organise any links you may frequently use. Mkvtoolnix is a video conversion tool that I sometimes use to remove foreign language streams from MKV files.


The nice thing about running mkvtoolnix  & calibre via docker is that they are both updated automatically to the latest version by Ouroboros & I have access to them without needing my PC.

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At the start I didn't saw the advantage of docker but a few month later I can't imagine running DSM without it. In the screenshot you can see just a few containers I run. The containers with lan- as prefix are for developing websites. One of the biggest pros which got me into docker was pi-hole and lancache. If you would like to know more about those two you can have a look at this: 



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