Migrate Or Stay (DS918+, Proxmox, ESXI)

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Hi All,


So i have built myself a new setup and having issues with Synology VMM. So what i would like to know is there any point for me to Re-Do my setup on Proxmox or ESXI.


I have the Hardware and I can move my data to build a new RAID 5 Setup etc....


If this is an good Idea how will i go about it and what is the Recommendations.


Thanks in advanced. 

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51 minutes ago, Vodka2014 said:

If this is an good Idea how will i go about it and what is the Recommendations.

that depends, if you want to use the  disks you already have and passthrough the controller then its not that much of a change

choose the loader to use for esxi, use the 3rd boot option in grub and migrate the install on the disks (the data volume should not be effected)


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i#d suggest reading the tutorial for esxi and trying it first with a test vm before doing it with the real disks

in general you cant passthrough a controller that is used by esxi itself like for booting disk or a data store having vmdk files

so if you only have onboard sata and boot esxi from a disk on that controller you will not be able to pass through it to a vm



i'm not the expert with esxi and dsm, i'm using baremetal and for test's its vm's on virtualbox


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Thanks alot @IG-88 So you will state ESXI over Promox ?


I will be adding my Disks and Pass though for DSM as they all have Data on them. 


I will check out the link you posted but if there is an Preferred Method of how this needs to get done i will gladly test it on my test server to make sure all is 100%.


I take it i can use an Low Profile GPU to get better Display etc...


Thanks again. 

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It does not matter which hypervisor you use. (ESXI, Proxmox. Virualbox or Unraid). I think most users use ESXI and you can find a lot of guides in the forum. I personally use Unraid and any VMs I want to setup I do that on Unraid instead on DSM's VMM...

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