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N54L ESXI and RDM drive mounts


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Hi all,


I currently have a running N45L with DSM via ESXI. It's running with one drive used as my datastore for the VMs (500G) + one data drive (3TB). My DSM VM is like:



The first drive is synoboot and the second my data drive. 


Now I am trying to add 2 more disks to the VM to extend the DSM volume. I'm trying to do a direct mapping so I am trying a passthrough as RDMs. I created my 2 vmdk with vmkfstools  then I am trying to add them via a new SCSI controller (SCSI 0:0 and SCSI 0:1). 


But when I do that DSM is mapping the drives on some obscure slots (like 33). I suspect the issue is with having 2 SATA controllers + the SCSI one. 


I honestly can't remember why I used a SATA controller for my initial data drive. If I use my existing SATA controller then it's all mapped correctly. 


So a few questions:

  • Would a SATA controller not allow an actual passthrough? I've read only an SCSI controller will allow that 
  • If an SCSI is the only option for the pass though, how can I get it to be mapped by DSM? Should I delete my SATA 2 controller and use an SCSI one instead for the three drives? Will it not confuse DSM with my existing disk that contains data?



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