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Getting i915 driver to work




I've got a intel 9900T processor and trying to get hardware decoding to work.

Got a valid 918 S/N and mac addresses.


I've downloaded


SHA256: EC2447F47FEE6457FE3F409E26B83E5BF73023310E10A624575A822FDBC10642


and replaced my i915.ko driver with the downloaded one.

Rebooted but still no dev/dri


I am missing something anyone has a clue?

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22 hours ago, belrpr said:

and replaced my i915.ko driver with the downloaded one.

did you use the one from "3E98 - UHD 630 9th high end"?


22 hours ago, belrpr said:

I am missing something anyone has a clue?

according to ark intel it should be 3E98 for the iGPU device

you could attach your /var/llog/dmesg here so i can check about the pci device id's

btw. you also need to use the 6.2.3 extra/extra2 to get rid of the old i915 drivers from jun


a remark about you cpu, it has 8 cores with HT thats 16 threads, 918+ has a limit of 8 so you would use 4 cores and 4 from HT in default configuration

as HT cores could be seen as 25% of a real core your compute power is ~5 cores, when disabling HT you would be using 8 real cores

when it comes to cpu usage the 3617 is best with its 16 threads as max



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Found the mistake.

I needed to add the 



extra.lzma/extra2.lzma for loader 1.04b ds918+ DSM 6.2.3 v0.13.3

scsi/sas disks will have no  s.m.a.r.t. infos with lsi sas controllers (see edit2 above), newer atlantic.ko driver 2.3.4, r8125 added to rc.modules, used latest source for realtek drivers r8101/r8125/r8152/r8168/r8169, bna.ko firmware corrected




to the usb drive.

Then moved the i915.ko to the /usr/lib/modules/ overwritting the existing one and then /dev/dri showed up and works in docker handbrake.

I know that I loose 8 threads (I've disable hyperthreading) but I gain gpu transcoding.

This is a plex storage box so gpu acceleration is worht more then just 8 threads.

With cpu transcoding you can get 2-4 transcodes. With quicksync 8-16.

Also the cpu was cheaper then a real 8 core cpu. It is also just 35TDP which saves on the powerbill.


Tried the vmware route but it adds complexity because the bootloader is in vmware which requires another storage outside the xpenology.

If synology ever gets a 12 bay unit with igpu I would buy it. I use xpenology just because synology is lacking in the hardware department.


Thx for the support @IG-88

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