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HP DL380 G8 LFF HP smart aray p420 will drive me crazy. Please help.


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I am trying to run xpenology on Windows 2019 host in virtual environment but on all step i have some annoying issue.


On virtualBox virtual drive performance is 20-40MB/s max

My problems here:



On Vmware Workstation pro virtual disk performance was ok but network nic wos a problem. Transwer was 40-60MB/s max. I was make an windows update and Xpenology on VMware stop obtaining ip addres.



I would like to start from begining.


My requirments:


Xpendology DSM 6.x on virtual enviroment.

I would like to use Windows 2019 as a host but if Xpendology will by work on other os perfecttly i can hange the OS host.


Mayby proxmox?


Please advise me to how to use this server for virtual machine host with Xpenology primary machine.

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as hyper-v is not working in dsm you best way might be esxi or proxmox and having windows run virtual

there are tutorials for both

baremetal and using vmm would also be possible but i dont trust that solution, seen to much people having weird problems

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