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USB Flash drive raid 0


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Hi all


I've set up 4x 32gb flash drives in raid 0 using 4x 29gb VDI


I was wondering if all drives should be in use when reading and writing?


it seems that disk 2 is the only disk for the most part that is doing anything and the performance is really bad.


I mean i didnt expect it to be fast by any means but its alot slower than i thought it would be. also kicks me out of the DSM page every so often.


my reasons for doing this is just for quiet operation.


using a mac mini running windows 10 pro with virtualbox. DSM 6.1.7 juns 1.02b bootloader. 2gb ram allocated for the VM

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i'd suggest using a decent usb3 ssd instead, no need for fancy raid0 with some cheap flash drives

(if you cant get nvme or sata ssd connected)

seen a lot problems with normal usb3 stuff from china, no one there cares about if its working or certifications

also its unlikely to get usb flash drives with good write speed for a low price

avoid qlc seems to be the shingled recording of ssd's


if you want to use raid0 flash dirves at least test every one of them with a full write and have a look while its writing, there can be interesting surprises

its much easier and safer to have one good usb3 ssd from a good reliable vendor that has a name to loose


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Thanks for the replies.


I've scrapped the flash drive idea as doing anything was painfully slow.


I think i've got the same mac mini as you DFDS.


I'm in 2 minds as whether to swap out the internal 320gb drive out and replace it with a 1TB hdd or a 200gb SSD I've got in a clasic macbook which i dont really use anymore.

not sure i can be bothered to open them up and go through the hassle of rebuilding windows again.


I've set up a 64gb vdi for DSM for the time being. only using it for DS at the moment so it works for my needs.

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It’s a bit of a hassle swapping the internal drives in the mini, i’ve thought about it but decided against it. If you’re not using the sod from your MacBook you could put it in an external case & use it that way.

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