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placing NAS into suspend mode, and waking up again.




With xPenology under Power Management I'm able to push the NAS into a suspend/sleep mode, and then wake up a pre determined time again.


Any chance anyone has access to the code that does this, how is it accomplished, mean the actual talking to the HW.


Need to replicate on another machine.



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1: MB: Gigabyte+GA-B250M-D3H

2: Linux/Debian to be specific.

3: D@mmmm hot.


at the moment, xPenology allows me to configure a "suspend" time and then some how injects a "wakeup" time, which I assume is actually talking to the BIOS via some generic/industry standard calls. (I would not assume xPenology had HW specific calls, very every MB).


When xPenology was doing this I can confirm my machine was in suspend mode, it was "dead" no fan or anything moving or turning, and powered itself back up at the scheduled time.



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