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Lost disc data during installation


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First of all thanks for great software for my NAS :smile: works perfect!


Sadly I did not read the guide carefully enough before making my first 5.2 install. I had one SSD and a 3TB HDD in my build when installing DSM. SSD was suppose to be formated 3TB disc wasn't. Now I have lost a lot of important documents. I just ran EaseUS data recovery on the entire disc I found 0 files. I ran testdisk (I am a little bit unsure If I did it correctly) cuz testdisk also says No files to display, can not open filesystem.


What am I doing wrong here? Am I fucked? :???:


Please help!


Edit: I did not chose option create SHS raid when this happened.

Testdisk says :Cant open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged.

Previous Partition was a Ext4, used it with openmediavault.

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Ran UFS pro - scanned for all missing available partitions. UFS did not find the partition i hoped for.. I've used UFS previously and saved a USB disc that was about to crash.

I am surprised that UFS did not find storage Ext4 partition that I was looking for. It did find a lot of other partitions that are of no intresst, It also found a few .ISO files images on my storage(recognized as partitions) device such as debian, utbuntu, mint, etc.. Meaning that the data is there somewhere I just have to figure out how to use UFS properly.


Im also going to try the Ubuntu recovery process.


Appreciate all help I can get



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you could try the ubuntu solution?




the problem with this method is that I don't have any files to restore from the DSM storage space created, im trying to restore files that was on a ext4 partitions BEFORE installation. Remember this was my first fresh install of DSM ever. I don't think I have anything to gain from this method.


Right now it dosnt look very promising. Still need help.

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I think the ubuntu solution should see ext4 whether created in before or DSM, whats more important is 'which' partitions it sees, if they are the DSM ones then in your words you are f***** :smile: - unless you can recover with a suitable tool. One thing - did you do a 'bad sector remap' during the SHR build? If so that might have done a 'deep wipe' of the data so thats why you are only seeing some stuff. Good luck anyway :smile:

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