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Hi All,


I already own an old Synology 116, it's great but found this really cool website so thought I would give it a go! 


I don't seem to be able to download the software off the link, MEGA throws up an error when I use the link?


Any suggestions please?




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5 hours ago, AlexH said:

Synology 116

ds116, thats a marvell cpu ,not x64 as this whole thing is about

also its supposed to be used with normal pc based hardware or hypervisors like esxi, qemu/kvm or vitualbox (no ms hyper-v)


maybe start reading the faq to get a better picture


also the tutorial about boot loader selection is a good start



loader can be downloaded by this



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Hi IG-88

Thanks for the response, I've got it working now. It was down to a DNS issue with Mega NZ and the UK. I have it downloaded, changed the settings (MAC, PID, VID, Serial etc) and installed and working so much appreciated, I am seriously impressed with this site, all the contributors and you! 


If anyone searches for the issue I changed my local DNS to and for Google and Mega started working.


Thanks again




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