DSM 6.2.3 Loader (with MBR partition Table) for DS3617xs

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This mod is for those who need a DS3617xs MBR bootloader for DSM 6.2.3.




It is a loader for DSM_DS3617xs_25426_6.2.3.pat with IG-88's driver extension v0.11.2 pre-applied to it. There should be no problem with upgrading to Update 3 through Web GUI, and if there are any, check: 


This loader is based on Big_11's DS3615xs MBR-mod of Jun's loader. 

For Big_11's DS3615xs MBR-mod, see: 

For IG-88's driver extension, see: 



Happy hacking!

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Thank you so much, the loader is working for my HP MicroServer Gen8, both USB stick and TF card are working correctly.


BTW: the integrated driver extension is working for the integrated Broadcom NICs.


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