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DSM 6.2.3 Loader (with MBR partition Table) for DS3617xs


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This mod is for those who need a DS3617xs MBR bootloader for DSM 6.2.3.




It is a loader for DSM_DS3617xs_25426_6.2.3.pat with IG-88's driver extension v0.11.2 pre-applied to it. There should be no problem with upgrading to Update 3 through Web GUI, and if there are any, check: 


This loader is based on Big_11's DS3615xs MBR-mod of Jun's loader. 

For Big_11's DS3615xs MBR-mod, see: 

For IG-88's driver extension, see: 



Happy hacking!

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That the way how my HP Z820 was booting with 1.03b and setup as 3617xs - thank you guys!


Just wondering how many procs and cores are in use as the Syno Info-Center only shows up with 4 cores instead of installed 2x E5-2643 with each 4 cores / 8 threads....


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, aniel said:

how can the gpt img be converted to mbr ?

i used "MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 12.0", but there are also other tools you can use

the other way around is kind of common when it comes to windows uefi native or <2TB disks, so you should find a lot of way's to do it

i general its just about the parttion table, the partitions are usually not effected by the conversion

i guess you could also use gparted as live linux but i have not tested it, the way i tested used is with the (windows) tool above


but there should be working links to already converted loaders here:



you could just use a older 6.1 version and after writing it to usb replace all files in the 1st and 2nd partition with the files of the newer (6.2) loader


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i was able to find a 6.2.3 mbr mod one but my ethernet nic wasn't getting pick up while the original jun (gpt) does. regardless what am trying to do is to see if it is possible to run the bootloader in the same data disk, i have tried many times but i can't get it to work and i have used like 5 or more different tools including MiniTool Partition Wizard. here is the link i found and was using as reference: 


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