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I just bought Riello IPlug 600AV UPS. It was just very good deal: In used but working order, with UK standard sockets and with USB cable included. 
Unluckily this UPS is not on official support list of Synology and I knew that someone else had strange issue with incorrect values for battery charge and estimated time on battery. 
But I bought it anyway - I like challenges and also I saw somewhere that UPS support can be reconfigured in Synology from the terminal.

I guess that battery percentage is taken from wrong address - that's why it is showing 255% all the time, so my first idea is to find if there is any settings that could be adjusted using terminal that would let me to set different address where that value is stored by Riello.
I have also work around idea to set Time Out for Safe Mode to value equal or greater than that incorrect one from settings - thanks to that NAS should power down just when UPS switch to battery - without any delay. 

For now as you can see UPS is recognised and can read current status - Connected or On Battery.
Thing is that UPS won't shut down without signal that battery is low on power or without timer settings - here both battery indicator and timer are broken.




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Thanks very much for that link to Github - it cleared out whole case. 
I've spent some time reading it and I started to think that there is no sense to play with installing new NUT. 

Riello IPlug UPS has no autonomy monitoring support and that's the reason why all it's users are getting stupid values in DSM.
Even Riellos dedicated software has no that features for IPLug UPSes - just battery voltage can be viewed. 
Riellu IPlug users claimed this as Bug in NUT, and there is BUG because it should not show values out of any ranges. To fix this bug developers made dedicated function that for Riello UPSes is estimating autonomy basing on data that can be obtained (battery voltage and type) and assumed (age, power consumption by devices).
In result we can get not very reliable values that are there just to fill the fields with something better than maximal values for type of record.

As this fix isn't making it more useful I'm starting to thing whole work over the issue is just pointless.
Installing whole new container just to get fake values made up just for better look? Nonsense.

However if someone knows how to install new NUT in docker container - that could be helpful for these that want to try.

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7 hours ago, amikot said:

Is that possible that NUT in Docker could shut down the NAS?
Any ideas how to configure something like that?


Installing NUT in Docker would only be to get updated NUT code without dependency on the DSM version.  If you were to have been able to make it work, you could set up the Docker NUT as a Master and the DSM NUT as a slave, which would allow the DSM NUT to shutdown the system.


Sorry it doesn't look as if it will work out for your UPS hardware...

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