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HP N54L upgrade/install from 4.x version failed adding HD


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Have been running the 4.x version with 5 HDs for more than 1 year. Decided to upgrade to 5.2 version. This is what I did and it seems I got some problem with add the HDs back to the system.

XPEnoboot 5.2-5592.2

1> Back up all the data on HDs (5 total) to the external.

2> Shutdown.

3> Remove all the internal HDs (5 out of 5)

4> Format one of the HDs to be used for the system and packages and put it back into the N54L.

5> put in a new USB 3.0 PCIe card.

4> Prepare a new USB.

5> Boot up from the new USB.

6> Use Synology assistant to search the system. And install the pst, set up the address etc.

7> Reboot.

8> Up to now, everything works fine. System works smoothly, no problem at all.

9> Use the download pat files to update the system to update 2.

10> Shut down the system and put in the other 4 HDs.

11> During the boot up, a lot of errors and then execute error, won't boot up.

12> Tried to put in the HDs one by one, same error.


Anyone can help? Have no idea why. :?:

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