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LSI Controller IT mode Xpenoboot 5.2 5565 update 2 Problems


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i am currently running dam 5.2 5565 update 2 on 2 systems for a while.very stable, very happy.

however, on one system i get I/O errors on one specific HDD (WD RED WD30EFRX, pretty new) once in a while. On that system, i am running an LSI Card in IT mode. now while i was checking, i noticed that i cannot get any info in the HDD health info overview, it says not available.same thing for history. Smart reads me out some values. furthermore i just noticed i cannot enable write cache on the system. does this have something to do with the LSI Card. I further tested and tried to get info from an ssd which is connected to the sata ports on the mainboard, and that also don't work. on the changelog of xpenoboot it once mentioned this:


Fixed LSI Controller issues (If you have a problem, please add parameter "rmmod=ata_piix" in Syslinux boot line)


am i experiencing issues? i am pretty conservative about meeting around with configs as i am running an 8x3tb raid5 array with my data on it. before starting to fool around i wanted to check if anyone has made similar experiences..

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please check your LSI firmware...



i had the issue with P20 FW and you should take some actions asap, as i crashed my whole system....

if only 1 hdd shows this symptoms it looks like it's broken and needs to be replaced..


i've got 2 baremetal systems with 5.2-5565.2 and following HBAs running without any issues:

LSI 9300-16i (driver made by trantor viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6772 )

LSI 9201-16i

LSI 9211-8i (IBM M1015 LSI IT Flash)


just don't use FW P20 then it should be fine...

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have you done any special settings? i cannot access the health info overview pane or the history pane on the HDD overview page in Storage manager which seems quite strange...further i cannot activate enable write cache...i checked, i have p19 firmware in the controller so this is not the problem...it might just be a falling drive

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