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10Gbe next?


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Okay, so I know that half of the forum will say "But, Why would you need this?!?"


I like eliminating bottlenecks when I find them...


Right now the bottleneck I'm seeing is to do with my 1gb network... Looked into Bonding/Teaming/Load Balancing etc... looks complicated... might come back to it...


But then I see people talking about these "Mellanox" cards... is it really this simple?


I'm a tech, so I'm sure I'll handle the networking side fine, but I've never played with "the big boy" hardware before...


Is this all I need?


2x Mellanox Connectx-2 PCIe (one in my NAS, one in my Workstation)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/671798-001-HP-1 ... 51b840d586


1x 10GBASE SFP+ Copper Twinax Cable SFP-H10M-CU5M

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cisco-5-Meter-1 ... 419a7b9562



plug them into eachother, set them to their own subnet and static IPs... and no more 1gb bottleneck?


I should mention my config I suppose...

NAS is n54l gen7 running 5.2.5565.2

Workstation is running w10 64b

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i'm using mellanox connect x2 vpi card in my PC & qlogic cards xpenology systems (as they are supported by default)

the mellanox should also now beeing supported.


YES your setup seems fine, but then how do you interconnect to other clients or internet? I recomment a small 10G switch (like DGS-1510-20) which gives you 2x 10G ports and 18 "normal" 1G Ports, then you have a "whole" network..


please keep in mind, that only changing the network speed won't improve too much.

you need also to make sure, that:

- source (PC) is fast enough (SATA 3 SSD preffered)

- destination (XPenology) is fast enough (RAM, and HDD Raid)

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I figured I'd start small and just have the one link between my main workstation and the nas... And keep the existing 1gb nics in place... Avoiding the need for a switch for the moment...


Pc is i7 4ghz, 16gb ram, Samsung 850 pro ssd

Nas is a stock n54l gen7... 2gb ram and (currently) with 4hdds using shr


My biggest concern and what I figured I'd ask someone with more experience here, is that there's something fundamental to this whole 10gbe thing that I'm missing... I've read some stuff re transceivers that makes me wonder if there are some missing parts that I'm not considering given the links to the products I mentioned... Also warnings of compatibility with different cable types, makes, models etc. I'd rather not start down this path and then be told "ohhhh well. You're forgetting you'll also need THESE components ... For another $$$

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don't know if your N54L can handle the 10G...but you should see some improvement..

i'm running 2 baremetal systems like:


supermicro X8SIL-F + 12GB RAM + Xeon X3430 + LSI 9201-16i in SC836 chassis


supermicro X9SRL-F + 36GB RAM + Xeon E5 2603v2 + LSI 9300-16i + LSI 9211-8i in DSN-3200-10 chassis


my bottleneck are still the HDDs in the NAS as i don't use SAS drives or SSDs only... normal WD RED


The cisco DAC cable you had looks fine...

also don't forget to use different IP on the 10G link as otherwise the system won't be really reachable...

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