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Blinking cursor when trying to use Jun's v1.02b on HP SFF DC7700


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Hi everyone, I hope someone can help - I have tried searching and trying all different methods but am coming up stuck.


I have a HP SFF DC7700 with BIOS version 3.07.

I have successfully managed to install DSM 5.2 5644 and have that up and running fine.


I would like to upgrade the DSM to 6.17 or whatever version so I can install Web Station (as 5.2 doesn't have this).


So I created a new USB mounting the .img, editing the grub file with the VID/ PID, then creating the bootable USB. When I boot the pc, I get the blinking cursor in the top left.

Can't see any options in the bios for changing UEFI boot options.


I did create a USB and tried on an old Dell and it worked fine - the machine wasn't powerful enough.


Anyone help?


I have tried a couple of peoples suggestions but I am not getting anywhere.


Thanks everyone.

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On 2/3/2021 at 9:02 PM, no1ally said:

I have a HP SFF DC7700 with BIOS version 3.07.

that hardware might need the MBR version of the loader (default loader is GPT)



also read this


loader 1.02b with dsm 6.1 is less of a problem as it works uefi and csm/legacy

if you go for 1.03b and 6.2 (loader in the same section s above, member tweaked loaders) you need to find the right bios settings to have csm mode

can be tricky with hp desktops, disable secure boot and completely disable uefi devices in boot devices menu in bios would be my advice

as general howto use this (usb vid/pid is most important when installing 6.x)



"practice" with 1.02b (MBR) and if you get this right look into the csm/boot thing with 1.03b (also MBR if that works with 1.02b) 

if you are confident about the loader preparing you can concentrate an that

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