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Hello everyone, for about a couple of months I discovered this forum and the possibility of running a DSM operating system on a hardware or virtual machine not provided directly by the manufacturer, I started to install some machines on virtual machines to make functional tests according to what I need, I worked on it a bit but for now everything I need seems to work correctly, having to replace also my synology which is no longer able to provide me with the performance I need and I would have also decided to build one, in the forum there are many posts about it scattered here and there (I don't think I've read them all) my dilemma is to get the right hardware compatible with the software and as I said before there are so many posts that in the end I don't understand anything; in the end I wanted to build a nas at the level of the new DS1821 + (or higher with the same money, the processor that uses the 1821+ is already more than a few years old if I understand it) with 8/10 HHD, 2 NVMe, 32/64 gb of RAM and possibly 2 rj45 for link aggregation; usually I also manage volumes in SHR much more comfortable and versatile (which from what I have understood and tried can only do the 918+ version, the xs series does not seem to me) so I think I should install the 104b boot loader (already tried in virtual machine, even if it sees me only 7 disks, I don't know why 7). On the market there are a lot of motherboards and processors that although of the same series differ in the abbreviations for characteristics, functions etc. and I would not be wrong, for motherboard I had seen those of the 450 and 550 series (I would like to take one that supports ECC memories) as a processor I would like to stay on the Ryzen 7 3700x series range, the sata inputs could be obtained with a PCIe 8 slot / 10 inputs, the same for the network card, a little bit of graphics hardware just to be able to configure it at the start then everything is managed via browser from other PCs, then there would be the specific motherboards for servers and the xeon series processors but here the thing is complicates even more because my knowledge is even less. I must also pay attention to consumption as the machine must be on 24 hours a day. I believe that in this furum many, rightly, have been able to make a nas server with salvaged material from other parts, but I do not have this possibility, and before doing the shopping I would like to be on the safe side. There would also be the possibility of installing another operating system, such as proxmox or other and then running DSM in a virtual way, or having all the services I need directly from that operating system there, I don't know what the best solution is. Can anyone give me some advice ??? Or take a Ds1821 + directly. I am very undecided, I hope I have not written too much bullshit. Thank you

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