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Synology enterprise hdds


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Synology announced the upcoming availability of their own enterprise hdds, from 8 to 16TB. Under the hood these are Toshiba hdds with a modified firmware. They shall gain better performance in heavy workloads and it will be possible to update the fw via DSM.


The nasty things: they are much more expensive than the original Toshiba hdds (over 65%) and Synology will block other hdds of this class in their upcoming XS-series which will result in a complete vendor lock-in. 



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21 hours ago, Church of Noise said:

So effectively you will only be able to have 'their' HDDs in their xs NAS systems?

That's bound to drive the price further up...


that "feature" can be changed at any time by synology as they have control over kernel and loader

and even if they introduce it, it will be only for new types, our systems already in use like 3615/17 will have no problems


for synology its not just the selling its also about support and customers that call them in case of problems and when it comes to business use you dont want trouble at all, the hardware/server i supposed to be quiet and should do the job, there are enough software troubles

i would not dare to introduce "foreign" disks to our HPE SAN system just to save a few dimes, compared with the cost of disks the possible trouble is not worth the risk, even half a day storage offline is too expansive, time of people in IT and possible loss of data and employee work hours can make experiments expansive


on long term i guess using a synology disk will be optional, customers wanting a full 5 year warranty for the whole system and as less trouble as possible will opt for that by themself

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