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Cannot install or update packages

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I am running DSM 5.2-5565 Update 1 on ESXi 5.5. It was migrated from HP N40L. Only recently I noticed that I cannot install new package or update existing packages.


For example, when I try to update the "audio station", it downloads installer fine, but fails during installation with error message:


"Failed to update "Audio Station", This package is published by an unknown publisher."


Although the audio station is developed by Synology.


I cannot install new packages either. Always have error: "Failed to install ****"


Anyone has encountered same issue? How to fix it?



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did import the new certificate, no luck.


in the end, the solution is very simple:


Go to 'Package Station', click the 'setting' tab, and change the 'allow installation of package published by' to 'any publisher'


It is odd xpenology does not recognize the publisher's certificates.

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While, you are correct, that is A solution, I'm not sure it is the best solution...

Yes, it gets you past the issue of the moment, but... there's something wrong with your system in that it is not recognizing Synology's own products as being trusted.


By all means, if you are satisfied, feel free to proceed onward happily... however, please keep this issue in the back of your mind for later on when and if some other issue crops up... as this issue might be related to that future issue :wink:

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