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control PWM fan speed


Hi, I've installed xpenology (DSM 6.2.2) on a 1U server, but the fan are way to loud. They are SanAce 40 with PWM control, but in the motherboard (MSI ms-s0121) BIOS I can't find any options for the speed. I've installed Entware and lm-sensors; with "sensors-decect" it find  i/o Fintek F71889A, but when I type "pwmconfig" or "fancontrol" it says ""command non found". There are any ways to control fans through Xpenology?

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Synology natively uses a custom circuit that is connected via serial port.  So it is unlikely that you can use any of the internal Synology code to control your fans.  BIOS is probably the best option but as you found, that is dependent upon motherboard implementation.  I have also done what you have - install lm-sensors etc and that can be made to work with some fiddling.


fancontrol and pwmconfig are scripts that are usually installed with lm-sensors.  If you are not able to execute them, this is something to do with your installation.

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