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Problem installing XPenology on old ASUS laptop. But got stuck after first reboot.


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I used a tool "XPEnology Tool 1.4.2" to make a USB boot stick. After reading the HOWTO the laptop starts successful.

After finding de installation on DSAssistant I use de manual installation en use de PAT file the tool tells me to download for the model i have chosen.

Loader 1.03b : "DS3615xs"

DSM 6.1 for DS3615xs: "DSM_DS3615xs_23739.pat"


The installation webpage tells me everything is ready and is rebooting.

The laptop reboots on the USB. The same intro text appears but nothing happens.

I wait for the countdown to end. Still nothing.

I try to find the system with DSAssistant but it is not to be found.

A PING makes IP unreachable.


Can someone help me or tell me what it is i am doing wrong?


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@futureline  I'm a bit confused which DSM you tried to install and you need to check.  6.1 will not work with the 1.03b loader. However  DSM_DS3615xs_23739 seems to refer to 6.2.0 which I would not install on your system due to driver issues.


See here :


A question. When you first booted from USB (before starting installation) you would have seen a series of messages on the laptop screen before you went to a web browser to start the installation. When you boot now, do you get those messages?


@elipicerie The USB stick is always required to boot the system. If you have a further problem, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum

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