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Hi all, so a while back I posted that I had a dead RS2414RP+ with what I suspected was the C2000 bug. (it wasn't)

After A LOT of messing about with Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers, I couldn't make sense of the old board and binned it.




I had an old Gigabyte H170-N Wifi with a 6700K and 32GB of RAM I had as an old Windows Server


First I had to check if everything would fit


After removing the Back Plate, I could install a MicroATX motherboard just fine, all the screw holes lined up! (you could probably get an ATX board in there)




So I grabbed a spare SAS card off a friend to validate that the rackmount bays were indeed wired as "normal" and would plug in just fine.

I booted up Windows that I already had on the SSD, yep, I can see all the disks.

The SAS card needed to have its backplate removed, but being a half height card, it didn't need a riser.



So now it was time to measure the IO plate up, make some marks and start dremeling



(PS its really hard to take a photo and dremel at the same time)




Thankfully the IO shield lines up perfectly with one of the lines of punchouts



IO shield fits, but does it fit on the motherboard too?








I had a heatsink from this motherboard when it was in a much smaller case and sure enough it was low enough and should get enough airflow from the front fans
(Not really, more on this later)




I plugged fan 2 into the CPU header on the motherboard, Fans 1 and 3 tot he Sysfan header and left fan 4 off.. (the powersupplies each have 2 fans... their fine)

Issue 1: The CPU fan on this motherboard cant speed control a legacy 3 wire fan so the CPU fan runs flat out

Issue 2: The heatsink is a little short and was designed to have airflow pressing down from on top. I will likley 3d print a cowling for it.

Issue 3: the Hardrives limit the amount of air coming from the front of the case, I have taken the fan access panel off for now to allow fresh air to come from above the unit, but long term I'll need to sort something.


I used my Multimeter to find what wires in the ribbon cable went to what switches on the front and hooked up Power. (didnt bother with anything else)



So I booted into windows and ran some tests, everything was fine airflow wise until I closed up the case.

see the 4 fans are designed to keep the HDDs and a tiny little Atom CPU cool. NOT a 6700K. (See notes above)

So I'm leaving the fan access cover open for now.


I've just finished installing DSM, I'll report back on working disks/SAS controller when thats done!


Hope this was informative.

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Things that work

32GB of RAM detected


Ethernet (both)

Temperature Sensor

Things that don't work

On Board Wifi (Please insert a USB Wifi Adapter)
The LSI SAS Controller 



Still thinks the CPU is a J3455

*will update as I check things*


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It doesn't think the CPU is a j3455, it is just that the info screen you are looking at is not build via a query, it is just a textual representation of the CPU that synology knows they installed in there. it is costemetic.

I am surprised you have issue with your LSI SAS card. Mine works without issue.




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10 hours ago, Atreidae said:

I don't think the card was in IT mode. 
it wasn't mine as I borrowed it off someone else.
Not going to reflash someone else's card

if looking for a hardware its good to check dmesg log for drivers loading and for pci vid/pid

there are drivers for lsi sas cards in ir mode (megaraid) the only thing you dont see in that case is the disk, the driver will detect the hardware

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Digging up my own old thread, I've since added a LSI SAS 9205-8i controller in IT mode.

DSM sees the disks perfectly and everything came up as expected.

Ebay Listing if anyone wants one (active as of this post)

Now, I've just gotta figure out how to set the model to the RS instead of DS so my mac address matches.
(mind you, i do have a dead 918 here too)

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