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In xpenology 5.2 schedule power management not working.. How to resolve it or does it has any other way.. Which does the same without fear of crash shutdown



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Hi todi,


Up till now with the latest XPEnoboot bootloader, there is no solution in making power schedule to work.


You can search around the

Forum for compatible motherboards that works or the other way is to get a network that supports WOL,

Configure DSM to support

WOL, configure yr router to run WOL in order to boot up

Your PC



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Install the Advanced power manager for Sinology Ds by rmetrich starts up and shuts down my system on latest xpenoboot.



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Hi, cosmic_phil


Would you like to share what kind of motherboard that you are using?

I suspect that the software package-Advanced Power Managment only works with your motherboard

and not all of them. :wink:


I installed it on my system, and it did not work as expected, I configured it to power up at 8.00 am.

And as usual, when it did power up, the system stuck at POST, saying CMOS checksum is BAD

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Apologies todi, for hijacking for POST :smile:


@cosmic_phil, thanks for sharing your information on your motherboard.


If Advance Power Management works with your Motherboard,

then it is great news. :grin:


As for my case, I am using an old type of motherboard: ACER-Q35T-AM

which, I found out that auto shutdown at specific time is working fine.




Auto power up cause BIOS checksum bad

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