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Axagon dual HDD dock in xpenology


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7 minutes ago, chester91 said:

The first you see (sdv), is a 2.5 HDD with Sata -> USB 2.0,


There is not very much technical information about how the Axagon device interacts with the system, other than to say it does not require a special device driver.


If you remove the drive listed above, and then unplug and replug the Axagon, do both Axagon drives appear?  I believe that the default settings for the device bitmaps only support two USB devices.

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i have a very similar device, from its id its this one (asm1153/asm1051e based)



work ootb with 6.2.3 (3617) and shows both usb slots as external devices

the default usb config in synoinfo.conf is "3" so its for just 2 devices but even when i plugin in two usb flash drives and add the 2 slot box it gets recognized with its two slots and i see 4 usb devices as external


in theory the usb devices should start with sdu and not sdv, maybe look for a device that got sdu (in dmesg)


6 hours ago, chester91 said:

DSM 6.1.7-15284


what dsm type is it and was the synoinfo.conf changed?


the default config for 3617 looks like this





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If the Axagon works with both drives when the other external is left out, change the bitmaps that allocate slots to device types.


SSH into the system, become root, and edit two lines in /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf





When you are finished, reboot and then you should be able to use three USB devices at a time.  Note that this setting may revert after a DSM update. If that happens you will have to apply the changes again.

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