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Promise Fasttrak SX4000 IDE raid card (configured as JBOD)


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Hi there,


Promise Fasttrack SX4000 IDE raid card PCI adapter, see the picture on the link below:



I know what you are going to say....."what the hell you are still using IDE adapters when most

of us has migrated of using SATA technology long time ago. Where were you all these years?" :grin::grin::grin:


Yes, guys I am still using old technology here, dig out from my cabinet, and what the heck, I got

couple of IDE drives still working, doing absolutely nothing except gathering dust! Let's make a full

use, before they are become obsolete soon. Yes, I think it already obsolete already..... :shock:


I looked at the compatible page: http://xpenology.me/compatible/

to check out whether this card is supported in XPEnology.


Hmmmm....it looks like it does not support.


The only drivers that I can find on the Internet is here:http://www.opendrivers.com/download/driver-19191.html



How to install linux drivers into XPEnology to get this card working?


Thank you.

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There is no easy way to install it yourself. You either need to compile a kernel module for the specific kernel used in Synology or you need to re-compile the whole kernel with the driver included in the kernel. Either way, its not easy as you need to set up a special environment on the Linux system. It should be possible to do it right on the Synology box, but, again, you need special tools.


You might be able to setup a OPKG/IPKG/ENTWARE package manager on your Synology box and then install all of the needed packages for compiling kernel or modules.

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Ok, then, I will stay away from this route. I guess. :smile:


I wonder the latest XPEnoboot bootloader includes drivers from

the previous / older version of bootloader like Trantor,

because, I saw Transtor's version of bootloader does have some

Promise PATA drivers: http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1028#wrap ???? :?:




I saw a couple of PATA modules loaded, but just can't tell which one manufacturer, I did recognized

one though, SIS an VIA. :grin: But the Promise module loaded did not work with the Promise Fasttrak SX4000 card. :sad:

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