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Folks, first of all thank you for all the hard work on developing and maintaining this awesome appliance.


I am running the latest version as a virtual machine in vSphere ESXi 6.0. I have a PCIe SSD datastore that I would like to create two vmdk to be used as caching devices by Synology. When I present them to my Synology virtual machine the sofware recognizes them as HHD not SSD. Is it possible to tag the device so it recognizes as SSD?


I don't want to passthrough the entire device. I rather use a vmdk.


I have also already tried to add scsiX:Y.virtualSSD = 1 to the vmx file but the virtual machine still doesn't recognize as SSD.


Any thoughts or ideas? Is there a way to force XPEnology to map a virtual device as SSD?


Thank you!!!

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If you want them to show up add the vmdk as a IDE device.


But keep on dreaming, Synology Cache does not work in a virtual environment. Trust me, I've tried it loads of times.

Yes you can add them as cache disk, it even starts too sync, but the sync will fail.

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