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How save is VM filesystem?


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I have a question. How save is to keep data inside virtual Xpenology? F.ex Xpenology created in ESXI/Proxmox,etc on one drive, with other drives passed-through to it and SHR pool created by Virtual Xpenology system. If something will happen with VM, some system update will fail, drive with VM get damaged, or pool drives will be disassembled in order to connect them to newer hardware, what will happen with SHR pool? Is it going to rebuild itself or all data will be lost? Has anyone had experience with such a situation?

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Full disk devices attached to a VM via passthrough or RDM are fully portable to a baremetal instance of DSM.

If you use install a hypervisor filesystem on those disks and then create virtual disks on that filesystem, you are dependent upon that hypervisor OS to get to data.


I'm not sure if that answers your question.

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